Paralume Nostalgia

In these days, already thousands of lamps exist. It is therefore a big challenge finding a way to give a new impetus for the light industry.

I started the project because I realised that there is no functional necessity for a three-dimensional lampshade anymore. I was wondering if it is possible to design a lampshade without light bulb and socket, yet keeping its classic feeling.

Paralume Nostalgia is a light concept that takes advantage of the modern LED light technology. The lamp’s design is based on the classic form of a lampshade. Like this the lamp looks familiar, despite its reduced form language. Paralume, with its transparent acrylic glass, creates light in a soft but direct way, giving specific places a bright area. You can basically use the lamp as a table lamp, being able not only to enjoy your current activity but also an atmospheric ambience.

Nostalgia is the feeling that works as a bridge between past and present. A bulb is not needed any longer but this time a lighting visual object is presented.

Paralume Nostalgia is a design perspective, a bridge.