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A hinterher is a bicycle trailer that can transport your cargo in three ways: As a bicycle trailer, as a hand cart and as a trolley. Just a few clicks and your hinterher changes its function. What’s more, the trailer folds away in seconds, so it won’t take up precious space in narrow corridors and staircases. The trailers…


Onggi pottery

The vessel is handmade with the traditional onggi pottery technique.

Well Well

With the help of Leonie Krieger, we developed a strong and stable cardboard panels. For this we used the principle of the honeycomb. We choose a stool, to show the characteristics.

Shelf +4

The Shelf +4 needs 5 wood panels and 8 connectors to build a shelf segment. Like this you can extend the shelf to the high and the side with just 4 more connectors. The sizes of the shelf segments are variable. The aluminum element gives the shelf its own character with transparency, functionality and stability. With…


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Sufra is a table for the family. It offers the chance to try different food cultures dishing and connects families through the maintain existing cultural rituals and traditions. Inspired by three cultures, my approach consisted in taking up existing rituals and traditions to bring them combined on a table. Based on my own roots, which…


ANALOG MEETS DIGITAL In this project the synergies are used by rapid prototyping and traditional production techniques, to create sustainable optimized porcellain products or even to create new ones. The aim is to explore design related benefits of 3D technique to build casting cores, structures or surfaces, which can be reproduced serially in porcelain classic casting…